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Over 30 years of practicing law provides invaluable knowledge of the Michigan and Federal court systems.  Trahey Law attorneys advocate honesty, integrity and the value of building strong partnerships with clients. Here are just a few remarkable cases in the Trahey legal portfolio.

Banktruptcy Law - Trahey Attorneys stopped a mortgage foreclosure sherrif sale 19 minutes before the sale was schedule to occur and saved a family's home.
Criminal Law - A client was accused of OWI with a charge of operating with a presence of drugs in his body. The case was dismissed through a Motion brought by the Trahey attorneys.
Estate Planning - Trahey attorneys recently prepared an irrevocable trust accepted by the veteran's administration allowing a veteran to receive Aid and Attendance benefits.
Family Law - A child was removed from its mother because of an alleged injury. The Trahey attorney built a strong and truthful case that disproved the false accusation, and the court allowed the mother to retain custody.
Personal Injury - Have received large verdicts in personal injury cases including No-Fault awards.  A reputable large firm in our area recently turned down a case in which Trahey attorneys willingly accepted and ultimately settled for $1.5 million.
Probate Law - Trahey attorneys recently attained a large settlement awarding fees to a guardian and conservator of an incapacitated person.

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"Our practice is to achieve a desired result. This involves initially obtaining as much information as we can to identify the strengths and weaknesses of our case. Interviewing witnesses, legal research, obtaining documents, setting goals and deadlines are included in our preliminary process." ~ Stephen Trahey
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